Show #5 Recap: The Woodshed

Kristina and I left early yesterday morning for Fort Worth.  Last time I attempted the drive to Fort Worth with my brother Noah to play at Live Oak, it took us about 6 and 1/2 hours to get there, and we were over two hours late to the show!  This time – it took a smooth 2 and 1/2 hours – thank goodness.  What wasn’t so smooth, however, was our soundtrack.  For some reason, my car radio would turn on, but wasn’t producing any volume.  We fiddled with it for about twenty minutes but had to hit the road.  The whole way up to Fort Worth, we listened to Kristina’s iTunes on her computer, thinking about when we’d find time to fix it, brainstorming creative ways to keep ourselves entertained and secretly crying thinking about the 8,000 miles we would have to endure with no music.  After the show at The Woodshed (which I’ll get to in a minute…), I started to google potential reasons for the issue and discovered that the speaker wire in my trunk could have torn from shoving too much crap into my car.  And there is definitely too much crap in my car.  We were able to locate the wire, but realized we would have no idea how to fix this ourselves.  I moved it around a little bit, and we started looking up car audio places that would be open on a Sunday.  On our drive over to a nearby Best Buy, I told Kristina what a bummer it was that I had to spend all the gas money I just made fixing my car radio.  While I told her this, I hit the power button and exclaimed, “Why can’t this just magically turn on?”  Maybe I am a wizard, because at that very moment, the radio was working again.  Take notes, Toyota Corolla owners.  If your radio is turning on but not making sound… go check your trunk, and stop continuously putting a 70 pound keyboard in there. 

Now back to the show…

I met the amazingly talented Luke Wade at One-2-One Bar back in the summer when Gregg (the owner of One-2-One) put us on the same bill.  I’m so glad he did, because I was blown away by Luke and his band.  We kept in touch, and once I started to really hit the road, Dallas/Fort Worth became a very logical stopping point, especially for how many times I was traveling to and from Austin.  I started contacting Luke, and he was always kind enough to put me on a bill or even reach out to other people in the area to get me on their bill or let me sit in.  This time was no different.  Luke plays at The Woodshed in Fort Worth every Sunday from 12 to 4 p.m.  First of all, this venue is awesome.  It is an outdoor smokehouse right on the river, and we were blessed with 73-degree, sunny weather yesterday.  Luke started things off and then invited up to swap some songs with him.  He then very generously let me play my own set before he took things over again and invited me BACK up for a song swap to close things out.

I cannot say enough good things about Luke Wade.  People like Ray and Luke are not only extremely talented, but also incredibly genuine and real.  It’s always such a pleasure to play with Luke, particularly because I think we really compliment each other well musically.  But it’s even more of a pleasure because of what a good heart he has.  The whole 4-hour set, Luke was telling my story of how I left my job and am taking big risks to make things happen for my music career.  He was constantly telling the crowd (which was filled with many of his fans in the area) to go buy a CD from me and contribute to what I’m trying to do.  I know Luke genuinely wants me to find success on my adventure and that I genuinely want Luke to find success, as well.  It’s a good feeling when someone you believe in believes in you too and is looking out for you.

I hope to be back to play with Luke soon!  In the meantime, go check out what he’s up to at


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