Show Recap #49: Johnson City @ The Acoustic Coffeehouse

On my last day in Atlanta, I received an email in my inbox from someone named David B. Arnold. He had noticed I was going to be passing through Johnson City for a show that weekend from The Acoustic Coffeehouse’s reverb nation page and wanted to know if I would like to check out his newly remodeled studio and record some tracks for free. Um… YES! I checked out his website and loved what I heard. The only window we both had available was Friday night (the next day), so I left Atlanta on a mission.

I arrived at David’s studio early in the evening on Friday. We talked for a while about the artists we both listened to, but essentially got straight to work laying down some new tracks. Even though we were only recording basic demos, David had really great ideas about which piano sounds to use to change up the sound of the songs for the better and what effects to use to create a cool vibe for each track. I am going back in May (on my birthday!) to lay down some more new songs and hopefully create the foundation for a potential new album. This would be my first album outside of inthegroove music, so I’m a little nervous stepping outside of what I already know and making a financial investment like that in myself, but I really felt a connection to David and his style of recording, so we’ll see what winds up happening. ¬†Whatever happens, it was a great experience and wonderful to connect with him.

I arrived at Griffin and Zach’s (see my last Johnson City post) around 2 a.m. so we missed a big reunion opportunity that evening. BUT, we were able to embrace each other early in the morning, and it was so so so great to see these awesome boys again. Zach had a work engagement most of the day, so Griffin, his friend Janel and myself all headed to Asheville for the day. I still hadn’t been to Asheville, so I was VERY excited to check out this funky hippy town I had been hearing so much about. We walked around, checked out some shops, ate Indian food and drank fancy teas from Dobra tea. I even caught up on some Zzzs on the ride back to Johnson City.

We arrived back into Johnson City just in time for the show. The amazing Jim Benelisha sat in with me on cello for most of my set at The Acoustic Coffeehouse. I have written quite a bit about Jim since I met him back in January, but I will just say again that he rocks. He is the owner of the coffeehouse, a phenomenal musician and a wonderful human. I am definitely looking forward to coming back at the end of May to play again.

The crowd was great. It’s a bit of a noisier joint, but the audience was very attentive and generous. I love the people that hang out at that funky spot. They are all very warm and welcoming and happy to be there. I even got offered an impromptu guitar lesson from one of the patrons (which I enthusiastically accepted). It was great to see some of my new Johnson City friends from last time (including one of my favorite people – Brett, who showed up late, but still hung out with me for the night and even lugged all of my equipment into my car for me.) There’s something very special about that place, and I am so thankful that I was able to stop in again. I’ll be seeing you at the end of May, Johnson City!

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