Meet Drew Davis - 

Drew Davis has been performing live since she was 11-years-old and began writing music when she was 6-years-old. Now, at just 25, Drew has developed her talents to become an incredible singer and songwriter. Throughout her career, fans have compared her talent to that of a young Grace Potter, Patty Griffin, Fiona Apple and Brandi Carlile. The combination of her heartfelt original compositions and soulful power vocals has the ability to make any room instantly silent.  An Austin venue owner says, “I see so many musicians walk through my door and perform. Few have that undefinable quality that makes people stop and stare. Drew has it. She has that ‘it’ that so many people strive for.”

At the early age of 14, Drew was the youngest musician ever to play at National Women’s Music Festival. She released her first full-length album when she was only 11-years-old (released in 2001), and now has three additional albums out on iTunes and other online mediums.  Her first, “Traffic,” was released at the end of 2008.  Her second album, “Old, Old Heart,” was released in November of 2012.  Both albums contain 10 original songs and were funded and produced by Minneapolis sound-tracking company “inthegroovemusic.”  Drew’s latest album, “Son of A Gun,” was also funded and produced by inthegroovemusic, and features 11 original songs with soul and americana influences.

Her music has been used on several MTV shows including “The Hills,” “When I Was 17,” “Made,” “Snooki & JWoww,” “True Life” and more.  Her most popular song from her first album “Not the Same,” was placed in the season two premiere of Showtime’s “The Real L Word” the French series “Foudre,” and the Mexican series “Infames.” Drew’s song “The B.S. Song” was featured in the trailer for “La Vie D’une Autre,” a 2012 French film starring Academy Award winner Juliette Binoche. Drew has had her music featured on other television stations as well, including Bravo TV and ABC Family.
Throughout the years, Drew has played many shows at several reputable venues across the United States. Drew performed at Columbus’s increasingly successful and popular festival, Comfest, five years in a row. She has shared the stage with legendary musicians such as June Millington (renowned lead guitarist of the 1970s all-female rock band Fanny), Charlie Sexton (famous songwriter, producer, and well-known for his time as Bob Dylan’s lead guitarist) and his brother Will, Bill Carter (established songwriter, best recognized for writing hits like Stevie Ray Vaughn’s “Crossfire”) and more. Drew also played at the “Taste of Cincinnati” festival, the longest running culinary arts festival in the US and several unofficial showcases at SXSW the past four years.  Drew released a Daytrotter Session in November of 2013 and toured Europe in August and September of 2014. Drew spent a year on the road non-stop, driving around her Toyota Corolla and playing over 200 shows all across the country and the world.
Drew is based in Austin, TX and identifies herself as an Austin musician. She has encountered a very talented and open-armed community of musicians and plays all over town with her skilled and soulful 6-piece band, which includes herself on keys and lead vocals, two back-up singers, a saxophone player, electric guitar and drums. She currently holds a long-lasting Tuesday night residency at Austin favorite The Whip In. You can see her and the band lay it all out on the stage every week at 9 p.m. for free.  See her events page to see where else you can catch a live show.  Because Drew is still so young, it’s hard to say the direction her music will take in the future. What is not hard to predict, however, is the success and recognition her music is sure to achieve if placed into the right hands.
An iTunes customer review reads: “LOVE this album. Drew’s lyrics are incredibly poetic and allow anyone who has ever felt deeply to connect. Her lyrics are accompanied by her smoky, soulful voice that could be described as having the class of Norah Jones and the freshness of Sara Bareilles while her lyrics are poetic like a Tristan Prettyman. She takes you from Blue Eyes, a cute Feist-sounding track to the soul of My Bruises…a performance piece. I bet she would be amazing live as it seems she pours her heart and soul into each one of her songs. Thanks Drew for such a wonderful album. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!”

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