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  • These are a few of my favorite things. Happy wednesday!
  • more drew davis coaster fun. #merch #handmade
  • Regram from @emilymbreault from our video shoot at studioplex in atlanta!


Paralyzing Full Band Practice…

Check out what we sometimes sound like when recorded on a phone… (minus a few members)…

It’s been a while, guys!

Hello hello everybody! It has been a while since I’ve really checked in with you guys on here. I spent one full year on the road. WHAT?! And I landed…

Songs & Whispers — Capitalizing My Pain With Their Fingers

A lot of people have been asking me about my experience touring in Europe, and I apologize to all of you for the short, not-so-informative responses that I have given…

In One Breath

I have had a lot of requests to post this song since I started playing it out this year. This is a version I recorded at David B. Arnold’s beautiful…

In the Streets of Antwerp: The Lessons I Learned

When you arrive at the beautiful train station in Antwerp, and you’re all like “Wait – Antwerp?!? Where am I? Is this a real city? Did they film Hostel here?…

Brussels in Waffles: The Lessons I Learned in Brussels

You could spend your entire time in Brussels eating waffles and chocolate, and it would be okay. But Brussels is pretty cool, so you should probably stop it, or you’re…


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